Just Ask: Commercial Print and Packaging

Just Ask: Commercial Print and Packaging

A lot can be said about the change in commercially printed paper and packaging – particularly after the impact of COVID and the worldwide pandemic. Markets have shifted to deal with the need for packaging as more deliveries are needed for no-contact purchases. So, too, is the need for physical copies of vital documents. Understanding just what commercial printing is and the impact packaging has on a business can be pivotal in critical decisions. Let’s just ask; What are the Commercial Print and Packaging solutions available from Millcraft?

No Job too Big, No Task too Small

Built on the cornerstone of over 100 years of paper-based products, we understand that every business is at a different stage. Our operations are equipped to handle orders of any size – sourcing from multiple mills to provide you with the product you need. While we may operate on a wide scale, catering to organizations across the extensive stretch from Northern Michigan to Tennessee, and from Indianapolis to Cleveland, we never lose sight of the importance of personally tending to the needs of our local printers and partners.

Our skilled team can get hands-on with a sample you're considering. This means we can suggest alternative options and variations to help you get the best value for your budget. Some events that require specific prints – such as a wedding – can vary in quantity, and some aspects of a business may require a quality of paper durable to withstand conditions while being handily available (looking at you, safety data sheets!). Even paper invoices and Bills of Lading copies can vary in terms of volume – we can assess your unique needs and provide you with the appropriate solution.

Sustainability, Renewability, Reusability

While industry trends wax and wane, Travis Mlakar, President of Millcraft Paper Company, has recently emphasized that even when new technologies develop, their predecessors have shown an ability to evolve and adjust to changing market dynamics. “Just as AM/FM radio has not left the world after the advancement of television, paper won’t be going anywhere just because of the internet.” With a large push to digitize, there is something to be said about the accessibility of paper – not just in libraries, but at businesses, in schools, in government buildings, and certainly in mailboxes. Commercially printed products and packaging have more than just one use.

Packaging is a critical part of a business in communicating with a customer and leaving an impression. A neat, and simple design can tell a customer a lot about a product and company before they have even used a product. Many packaging designers optimize how a product fits and can travel – be it by envelope for smaller items, all the way to freight shipments. Sourcing wood for both reusable containers for shipment, but also paper pulp from recycled materials is a high priority when determining what products are offered.

Even more so beyond sustainable materials, we look for sustainable practices and relationships. During the pandemic, we implemented a practice known as Allocation. While not desired based on the demand of the time, we matched our customers to sustainably provide them with both the paper and packaging they desired without compromising quality.

Expertise Backed by Inventory

With over 20 divisions and stores, we've invested in a diverse inventory to cater to partners across our footprint. If the exact product you're after doesn't quite align, our experts will offer tailored solutions. Whether it's sourcing high-quality material for greeting cards or finding the perfect paper color, we'll pinpoint the best fit. This ensures cost-effectiveness while delivering a final product that meets your customers’ needs.
Just ask – we’re happy to help.

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