One Man, Many Lives: The Millcraft Bus Stop Shelter

It’s hard to say what you’d have seen when looking out the wall-sized window, it’s only clear to say what Division Manager of Millcraft Dayton Evan..

Girls Who Print Podcast Shines Spotlight on Women Supporting Women in the Industry

The ever-inspiring Girls Who Print podcast recently featured a powerful interview with representatives from Millcraft, a family-owned paper and..

Buy & Give: Tending to Hearts and Minds with Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt

The trucks come each year to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee. Multiple U-Haul trucks arrive at the..

Efficient Inventory Management for Apparel Retailers: Tips for Success

In the world of Direct-to-Garment (DTG) and Direct-to-Film (DTFilm) printing, where customization reigns supreme, inventory management can feel like..

Stand Out from the Crowd: Conquer Outdoor Advertising with Large Format Prints

Want your message to tower over the competition? Break free from the clutter with large format prints, the ultimate attention-grabbing solution for..

Millcraft: Your Comprehensive Resource at the CBC & BrewExpo America.

Calling all passionate beverage crafters!

Millcraft State of the Graphic Paper Industry Q1 2024 Update

Described as balanced on a knife’s edge, discover projections for the graphic paper industry in this Q1 update titled “What’s Next?”

From Bland to Wow: Your Guide to Wide-Format Printing Superstardom (Minus the Hype)

Imagine this: a customer walks in, eyes glued to their phone, oblivious to your existence. Suddenly, a towering poster with mouthwatering colors and..

The Art of Handwritten Note Cards for Business: Make a Lasting Impression

In today's digital age, where emails and instant messages dominate our communication, the art of the handwritten card stands out as a personal and..

Choosing the Right Fabrics for Apparel Manufacturing: A Comprehensive Guide

Garment selection is one of the most important aspects of achieving retail-level prints with your DTG printer.  In this article we will discuss the..

Millcraft Meet-Up: The Art & Science of the Paper Gift Card

Empowering Success: Partnering with Millcraft National Accounts Team

Just Ask: Solutions

Millcraft is a company focused on taking action and finding answers to issues together. While we provide many opportunities, we focus on providing..

Just Ask: Technology

Customized Solutions for Every Need From printing and apparel to wide format and beverage solutions, our technology portfolio covers a broad..

Buy & Give: Behind the Scenes of Check Presentation Season

Honoring nearly a decade of the Buy & Give copy paper program, enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at Millcraft’s Buy & Give check presentation season.

Unveiling the Future: Graphic Design Trends for 2024

As we step into 2024, the graphic design realm is set to undergo a metamorphosis, blending technology, sustainability, and artistic innovation. In..

Approximately 420,000 Reasons to Consider Direct-to-Film Today

Did you know that 62% of printing businesses have already or plan to adopt DTF within the next three years? Discover why.

Just Ask: Wide Format

Take a moment to observe the displays on a large campus, whether it's a shopping center or a college. While size is noticeable, it's not the only..

Holiday Marketing trends in the paper industry and potential predictions for the 2023 holiday season.

The paper industry, like many other industries, has experienced various marketing shifts in recent years. To predict marketing trends for the paper..

Just Ask: Beverage and Restaurant Solutions

Diversification is crucial for any business seeking stability. We bring our long-standing reputation for stability from the paper industry to every..

BIG Things Come in Small Packages!

This is BIG!

Everyone is Talking About Millcraft's Buy & Give Paper Program

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Transforming Spaces with Wide-Format Printing and Customization for Holiday Decor

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, and it's also an excellent opportunity to transform your interior spaces, whether at home or in..

3 Best Practices (and 1 Pitfall) in 3D Displays

Imagine rounding the corner at your local grocery store and bumping into a six-foot-tall, purple Tyrannosaurus Rex with a bright green tummy, holding..

Millcraft Creative Meet-Up: Kit Hinrichs

Are These the Most Haunted Breweries In The Midwest?

By now, the yard decorations are out. The candy is stocked.

Just Ask: Commercial Print and Packaging

A lot can be said about the change in commercially printed paper and packaging – particularly after the impact of COVID and the worldwide pandemic...