The Magic of Paper Journaling

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." - William Wordsworth

Millcraft Creative Meet-up: Stephanie Carpenter

Meet our 2023 Make-A-Wish® Wish Kids in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne

Discover your part in these stories of joy and laughter through challenging times.Hospital hallways and medical procedures, treatment schedules and..

The Magic Kingdom is magical to kids with critical illness.

Baseball & Beer: An Opening Day celebration of the two best pastimes

The arrival of spring means the return of flowers, insects, lawn-mowing, lake activities and baseball. For some Michigan breweries and their owners,..

Bell's Brewery Oberon Beer pairs perfectly with baseball season.

Giving Back: The Growing Importance of Corporate Community Engagement

Join the conversation with Millcraft President and CEO Travis Mlakar, and discover how Millcraft’s Buy & Give program has transformed copy paper from..

Millcraft President Travis Mlakar and writer Jen O'Deay discuss the importance of corporate engagement and giving back to the community

Millcraft & Neenah Big Ticket How Conference Giveaway

What Does "Girls Who Print" Mean to Me?

Excerpted from the Girls Who Print Blog Written by Emily Simon, Print Specialist, Millcraft

Emily Simon, Print Specialist, Apparel Solutions, Millcraft

Millcraft's Buy & Give Program Nears $650,000 for Regional Non-Profits

Millcraft is celebrating the spirit of the holiday season with a longstanding tradition: delivering annual donation checks to eight designated..

Buy & Give: Helping Families with C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital

Step inside C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital to discover healing therapies alongside medicine, and copy paper that helps. Had we not, as a human race,..

Buy & Give: Honoring Community with Hospice of Cincinnati

Discover how Hospice of Cincinnati and Millcraft’s Buy & Give program create meaningful impact through compassion, care, and copy paper. When a loved..

Buy & Give: Growing Hope With Prayers From Maria

Discover the powerful mission of Prayers From Maria and the extraordinary connection between paper and hope. Home to more than one million..

Millcraft supports Prayers From Maria through their Buy & Give office paper program.