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Just Ask: Solutions

Millcraft is a company focused on taking action and finding answers to issues together. While we provide many opportunities, we focus on providing..

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Customized Solutions for Every Need From printing and apparel to wide format and beverage solutions, our technology portfolio covers a broad..

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Announcement: Calvin Hill Joins Millcraft

The Millcraft Paper Company proudly announces the appointment of Calvin Hill as Strategic Segment Manager – Inkjet Technology Solutions. With an..

Your Exclusive Invitation to PRINTING United Expo - On Us!

Unlock Your FREE Ticket to the PRINTING United Expo 2023 in Atlanta! We extend a special invitation to immerse yourself in the forefront of textile..

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Millcraft to Host Wide-Format Demo Day with Mactac & Mimaki

Join us for a wide-format lunch and learn

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Sustainability Sells

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Now in its fourth year, Long Live Print is the Millcraft Columbus Annual Paper, Packaging, and Wide Format Show. The event draws a crowd of 500..

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When an overseas vendor of measuring tapes could not meet the needs of a major garment retailer, Millcraft successfully sized up the challenge.