Choosing the Right Substrates for Wide Format Printing Projects

Choosing the Right Substrates for Wide Format Printing Projects

The world of wide format printing offers a dizzying array of possibilities. From colossal banners to intricate wallpaper, vibrant graphics can transform any space. But before you unleash your creativity, a crucial decision awaits: selecting the right substrate. This seemingly simple choice forms the foundation of your project, impacting everything from aesthetics and durability to functionality and cost. Fear not, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the substrate landscape and choose the perfect canvas for your vision.

Location, Location, Location:
The first and foremost consideration is the location of your final product. Will it grace the sunny outdoors or reside comfortably within four walls?

  • Outdoors: For projects battling the elements, durability reigns supreme. Weather-resistant vinyl takes the crown, available in both glossy and matte finishes to suit your desired sheen. Mesh vinyl is a champion for windy conditions, allowing air to permeate while displaying your graphics proudly.

  • Indoors: Indoors, the options open up like a blooming flower. Budget-friendly paper remains a popular choice, especially for temporary displays or posters. Fabric substrates like canvas add a touch of elegance, ideal for art reproductions or photo murals. If longevity is key, consider rigid substrates like foam board (Gilman – Insite Reveal) or PVC board (Palight by Palram), perfect for high-impact signage or exhibition displays.

Durability Matters:
Beyond location, consider the expected lifespan of your project. Short-term promotional banners might utilize a more economical substrate, while a permanent lobby sign demands a durable champion. Here's where material properties come into play:

  • Short-Term: Paper and some vinyl options excel for temporary applications. They're perfect for promotional banners, event signage, or wallpapers for an upcoming party.

  • Long-Term: For projects built to last, explore vinyl with UV protective laminates, weather-resistant plastics like PVC board, or even aluminum composite material (ACM) board (Millcraft Creo Aluminum) – a double-side aluminum face material with a durable core. 

Function Follows Form:
Don't forget to factor in the function of your printed piece. Banners need to be lightweight and wind-resistant, while floor graphics require a scuff-resistant and slip-resistant surface. Here are some functional considerations:

  • Banners and Billboards: Lightweight, wind-resistant vinyl is your go-to for these large-scale displays.

  • Floor Graphics: Opt for a textured, certified slip-resistant vinyl (Que Media Tasque or Jessup Catwalk) specifically for foot traffic.

  • Window Graphics: Perforated vinyl with a clear adhesive allows you to showcase your message while maintaining visibility from both sides.

A Partner in Wide Format Success: 
By working with reputable manufacturers of printers and print media, Millcraft offers an extensive variety of solutions for every wide format application. 

With the right knowledge and a reliable partner by your side, you're well on your way to achieving stunning results in the world of wide format printing. So, unleash your creativity, explore the possibilities, and let your message take center stage on the perfect substrate!

Millcraft is ready and able to be a valued partner to your wide format print shop. 

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