Just Ask: Wide Format

Just Ask: Wide Format

Take a moment to observe the displays on a large campus, whether it's a shopping center or a college. While size is noticeable, it's not the only factor in advertising or decorating across a wide area with a Wide Format solution. When communicating in large open spaces, there are various considerations. Let’s just ask – what are those considerations?

Starting with the Basics

Consider factors like lighting, weather, and temperature, but begin with the essentials. What communications are you trying to convey in these large spaces? Do you have eye-catching graphics, whether simple or detailed, to highlight specific activities or interactions? In busy areas near foot traffic for conferences or conventions, do you have the necessary scheduling and notifications for each area? Once we determine your event type, we can refine your technical and quantitative needs.
Now, let's examine the specific product you need. Supplies for creating massive posters for your charity, concert, or event are readily available. Need to inform your community about what is happening downtown or on the streets near community buildings with provided designs? Wide-format banners are an effective solution to start with. Require something sturdier for placement outside shops, conference halls, and event centers? Rigid substrates are a great choice. Concerned about spills or other environmental factors? Consider laminated products.

Variety and Diversity

At Millcraft, we strive to provide the options you need to create the best solution. Our Adhesive Vinyls and Laminates enable adaptable or permanent wraps and displays. Coupled with Banner and Sign Hardware, Vinyl Mesh and PVC film banner materials, can be made Double-Sided, and even lit in the front, helping your communication come to life.

Looking for something more flexible? Paper media like Sihl, Magic by Dietzgen, and our diverse Neenah products offer opportunities for interactive and flexible displays. Need a different style of display? Inquire about our more rigid substrates, such as Aluminum composite (ACM), corrugated plastics, Celtec PVC, and polystyrene, among others. Our options are wide – pun intended – and cover nearly any goal you have in mind.

Reaching Wider with Service

Whether it's connecting you with a company for the final product or providing you with Mimaki Equipment to diversify your product line, we're here to help. Our fully certified technicians deliver excellent service across all locations. We can handle installation, answer questions, and troubleshoot for your growing business when you choose to partner with us. We're committed to keeping the inks you may need for your next impressive event graphic. How can we assist you in starting to diversify your business and effectively communicating in larger spaces? Just ask.

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