Just Ask: Technology

Just Ask: Technology

Customized Solutions for Every Need

From printing and apparel to wide format and beverage solutions, our technology portfolio covers a broad spectrum. What sets us apart is our ability to tailor solutions. Leveraging unique tools and techniques for each specific situation, we can assist in ways unthought of. This personalized approach ensures that our clients get precisely what they need, without overcomplicating the process. 

Streamlined Internal Processes

At Millcraft, we have refined our internal processes for efficiency and accuracy. One noteworthy example is "Nighthawk," our overnight delivery option. This seamless service ensures that every project is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

When the boundaries of technology are understood, we can push them. This allows us to provide not only better hardware but also better software. From our Auto PO process to adapting new unique systems to flawlessly integrate, Millcraft pushes limits each day. 

Responsive Inventory Management

When you place an order with Millcraft, our technology springs into action. Through our ERP system, we swiftly cross-reference your request with our available inventory, providing a rapid and accurate solution. This ensures that our clients receive what they need promptly, without unnecessary delays.

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, obsolescence is a reality. At Millcraft, we don't just acknowledge this fact; we tackle it head-on. Our systems track order histories and can indicate obsolete items. This allows us to offer alternative options when products become unavailable from manufacturers.

Our information improves each day in both accuracy and detailed precision. While we improve available data, we also improve decision-making capacities. We utilize tools that predict trends such as Power BI powered by that same data. While we understand projections aren’t the end-all solution to what is happening, in front of you, they help guide us to creating the best solution for you.

Embracing and Elevating Every Aspect with Technology

While Millcraft excels with its current technologies, we're not resting on our achievements. We are dedicated to staying with new secure and developing technological advancements. One such area of focus is artificial intelligence (AI), aimed at enhancing order processing efficiency. By embracing these emerging technologies, Millcraft ensures we continue to offer state-of-the-art solutions.

Millcraft's technological prowess aren’t mere add-ons; they’re the cornerstone of our operations. Through personalized solutions, streamlined processes, and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, Millcraft stands out as a pioneer in leveraging technology to redefine the industry. When it comes to your needs, Millcraft doesn’t just meet them; we exceed them with a blend of professional expertise and an almost casual level of innovation. All we have to do to get started is to just ask.

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