Just Ask: Delivering Excellence

Just Ask: Delivering Excellence

Across the Midwest region, various locations and highly visible trucks can be seen with the simple statement: Just Ask. So, let's go ahead and ask: What is Millcraft?

Finding an answer to that takes a few steps. Let's start with the trucks that are easily seen on the roads. What exactly are they delivering? While it may seem deceptive, the logo found on the side of the trucks is a surprisingly insightful hint in the shape of a processing mill.

Paper. While it isn't just paper inside those trucks, the number of products available includes packaging, wide-format solutions, and even apparel solutions. Just from those broad strokes, a clearer picture is coming into place.

When you need to get your products delivered fast, Millcraft has developed processes to optimize the flow of logistical tasks to your benefit. One such process is our service known as Nighthawk, which connects each Millcraft location with another overnight.

Experience the Benefits of Nighthawk Overnight Delivery

With over 100 years of experience in business, Millcraft has developed the Nighthawk process to ensure that you receive your products with as little delay as possible. This process holds three key components: the team members driving the process, aggregation locations, and careful analytics.

These terms are considerably less daunting than they may appear. By following careful analysis of items, Millcraft teams can strategically locate items to each division to meet the demands of customers. When they aren't present, our network of divisions will come together overnight to transfer items to you in a pinch. The drivers behind this start from the moment the notice is issued to the warehouse teams, through the overnight drivers, all the way to the team members that hand it off to you, most often still by the following day when you see the mill sign on the side of the truck pull up to your operation.

With Nighthawk, you can expect faster delivery times, reliable tracking, and lower shipping costs. You can also rest assured that your sensitive products will be delivered safely and securely, every time.

Trusting in the Delivery Process

What are the most important parts when waiting for a delivery, no matter the size?

  • Carefully handled and delivered in premium condition.
  • Everything accounted for on the packing list and order.
  • Arrive in a timely manner, right where you need it.
Each of these aspects is consistent with the quality standards Millcraft sets for the industry. Next-Day delivery is our benchmark that we consistently meet. In the moments that we are unable to, we do everything we can to communicate when to expect the solutions you asked for.

Delivered with Nighthawk for Timeliness

Delivered with confidence, Millcraft brings you the products you're looking for. Whether it is keeping your printing production outfitted, your office supplied with clean, simple solutions, or even the inks for your apparel printing activities, your excellent products start with excellent materials. While the clock is ticking on needing a solution for your problem, we have one to meet your timely needs. We're able to deliver. Just ask.

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