Neenah Paper: Tools for Designers

Neenah Paper: Tools for Designers

The folks at Neenah Paper strive to make designing for print easier for creative professionals with tools and resources.

Here at Millcraft, we are big fans of Neenah Paper and applaud their efforts to help designers design for print.

With tools like Swatch Pro, The Idea Shop, and free die-lines, Neenah is a great addition to any creative toolbox.

Discovering Neenah Paper's Innovation:

A Dive into Swatch Pro and the IDEA SHOP

In the design world, the right paper can make all the difference. It’s the canvas upon which ideas come to life, textures are felt, and colors are expressed. Among the myriad of options available, Neenah Paper stands out as a beacon of quality and innovation, offering designers tools like Swatch Pro and the IDEA SHOP to elevate their creative processes.

Swatch Pro:

swatch pro

Imagine having a virtual library of Neenah Paper’s entire collection at your fingertips. That’s precisely what Swatch Pro offers. Designers can explore, compare, and select papers effortlessly through this intuitive digital platform, which uses Adobe Exchange to allow you to emulate the paper on your computer screen.

Neenah Swatch Pro is your digital gateway to effortlessly incorporating Neenah's diverse paper options into your designs.  Add a touch of Neenah's quality to your projects without any clutter, all with just a few clicks. Making paper choice an easy, fun, and integral part of your creative process!

Download your FREE Neenah Swatch Pro extension on the Adobe Exchange today to see where your ideas can lead.

Neenah Swatch Pro



idea shop good.jpg.1

Creativity thrives in environments that inspire. That’s the philosophy behind Neenah Paper’s IDEA SHOP. More than just a digital showroom, the IDEA SHOP is a collaborative website where designers can immerse themselves in a world of possibility.

The Intersection of Tradition and Technology: What sets Neenah Paper apart is its ability to blend tradition with technology seamlessly. While Swatch Pro revolutionizes how designers interact with paper, the IDEA SHOP honors the timeless art of craftsmanship. Together, these offerings represent Neenah Paper’s commitment to empowering designers with the tools they need to bring their visions to life.



In an increasingly digital world, Neenah Paper remains steadfast in its dedication to the tangible beauty of paper. Whether through the convenience of Swatch Pro or the immersive experience of the IDEA SHOP, Neenah Paper continues to inspire creativity and elevate the art of design.

Visit the Neenah Paper website for more resources, including blog posts, free die-lines on various Neenah promotional materials, product information, and more.

Neenah Paper

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Looking for paper advice, "printspiration", or samples?  Just ask.

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