Staying Grounded and Creative When Considering Floor Graphics

Staying Grounded and Creative When Considering Floor Graphics

Tips to consider when designing attention-getting floor graphics

In today’s world wayfinding and floor graphics are more important than ever. Consumers are not only looking for directions related to social distancing but are often heads down looking towards their phones. Whether you are controlling foot traffic or capturing attention for your brand, floor graphics are an attention-getting way to deliver your message.

Every end-use has its consideration whether you are looking to produce floor graphics, wallcoverings, banners, or vehicle wraps.

Here are a few of the considerations to take when producing floor graphics.

First and foremost, consider your floor surface and end-use. There are numerous options on the market for floor graphic materials, and it is often a good idea to test materials before producing final prints.

Do you need a slip-resistant coating? For example, many floor graphics require a two-part application, meaning you may be adding a laminate to aid in ink durability and slip resistance.

Is the graphic in a high-traffic area? How long will the graphic need to be in place? Choosing the suitable substrate for longevity and frequency of use is a very important consideration.

Floor graphics are often a surprise, therefore grabbing a customer’s attention in unexpected ways. Using bright colors and attention-getting designs will catch the pedestrian’s eye and make your graphics stand out.

Lemon 7up floor graphic jessu[

Floor graphics are an excellent opportunity to be creative. Show your brand’s fun personality by using humorous messages or optical illusions. Using shapes and visual textures makes floor graphics more engaging and memorable to your audience.

stairs jessup

Floor graphics can be used not only for signage but for custom flooring designs, and they can be printed to resemble wood or mosaic tiles for example.

Marble floor graphic Jessup

Companies use floor graphics for various reasons some of the more common uses are for safety Information, directions, highlighting products, office directories, preventing crowds and bottlenecks, and labeling entrances and exit ways.

Floor graphic 4

Keeping the message clever, simple, and precise is key!
Your Millcraft wide-format specialist can be a valuable resource for making suggestions and providing samples.

Have fun, be creative and make a lasting impression!

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Photos: Courtesy of Jessup

By Terri Price-Deep

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