Wide-Format has changed my outlook on PRINT!

Wide-Format has changed my outlook on PRINT!

Always looking for ways to be creative, I jumped at the opportunity to support the marketing efforts in the Wide-Format segment for Millcraft.

At first, it was overwhelming with the sheer volume of products to learn and equipment to understand, but now I see wide-format in a new light. 

As I continue to learn, this experience has changed me.

Where in the past I might appreciate a logo design or the use of typography on a poster, I now notice print produced using wide-format techniques everywhere I go.  

I have always looked at menus or brochures to see what paper they were printed on, but now I notice the wall graphics and signage too.

For example, on a trip to NYC last year, I visited The Poster House, a museum that showcases poster art and graphic design. Typically, I would be entrenched in the work on display, but instead, I was wowed by the incredible display graphics! Museums are a prime example of the power of wide-format print, from wayfinding to educating visitors on exhibit content.


Then there's what our equipment can do! From wallpaper to braille, our demo center is often a buzz with excitement as we test materials and equipment for our customers. It's been fun to see the results come to life, and I have grown fond of the hypnotic and rhythmic sounds of our various printing machines.

wall paperbraille

LINK: watch us print braille

On a stroll through my favorite higher-ed institution with its crimson and cream banners, you'll catch me looking at signage formats and vinyl use.  

IU banners

I love the powerful graphics at The Row House and the visual motivation of it. Does it make me row faster? No, but the visuals keep my mind off the sweat and exhaustion.

row house

Even the Millcraft Beverage Delivery truck catches my eye as it rolls past our dock to head out for deliveries.

It's also made me a bit of a substrates snob; when I go to a retail store and see bent-up corners on signage due to non-rigid materials, I immediately consider contacting their merchandising team to offer suggestions.

The truth is wide-format print is everywhere, trade show graphics, banners, retail merchandising, wallpapers, advertising promotional items, yard signs, vehicle wraps, bus stops, windows, doors, floors, and so much more!


If you didn't know before, you now know we sell wide-format equipment, supplies, and substrates!

Do you want to speak with one of our wide-format specialists, visit our demo center, or talk about all things signage?  
Just ask.

By Terri Price-Deep

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